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Current Version:v2.2,released on 2022-11-22
V2.2, Major version upgrade. (Tentative November 22, 2022)
Optimize the full screen of video to make it smoother.
UI fine-tuning makes the bottom control bar narrower.
Fix some bugs and adjust some details.
Runtime:Windows(x64),.NET 4.6.2,Windows Media Player。
Next Version

Note:After version 2.2, the interface of this player mainly supports Windows11.
If you use Windows10, please select the theme color that suits your title bar.

(v2.2)Google: Download
(v2.2)Google: ScreenShot
(Only release): GitHub  SourceForge
softpedia: Download
download: Download

The code of this program is confused, and there may be anti-virus false positives.
If you can't open the folder, please add a white list in the anti-virus software.

This player follows a minimalist style
There are more than 20 Themes, and you can also customize the color
Automatically record the opened folder and M3U, and save them in the "current list" drop-down box
Friendly support for folder playback
Support dragging files and dragging the whole folder to play
Able to play most audio and video formats
Easy to use and free

How to use
Click the player icon at the bottom with the left mouse button to open the file,
Right click the player icon at the bottom to open the menu,
You can also right-click the playlist to open the menu,
Use the right-click popup menu to add files and folders.

When playing video, you can right-click to select audio track and subtitle
(if audio tracks and subtitles are included)
When playing the video, ctrl+ ← and ctrl+ →, is the progress of increasing or decreasing by 1%
Ver2.1 new: when playing video, you can select the playback speed from the right-click menu

Shortcut key
Previous (ctrl+ ← or P), next (ctrl+ → or n), volume (ctrl+ ↑ /ctrl+ ↓), play / pause (space)
Video full screen (enter), video (ctrl+ ← /ctrl+ →) is 1% step
Ver2.1 new: next frame (Alt+ →) full screen: next frame (F)
Ver2.1 new: screenshot (Alt+S) full screen: screenshot (S)(screenshot under Cap folder)
Ver2.2 new: Enter switches to full screen,
press Esc twice in full screen state, exit full screen, pause, and minimize,
press Esc in window state playback, pause, and minimize.

Special thanks
VLC MediaPlayer, MahApp.Metro, BoxIcons, SQLite, Dapper, TagLibSharp

This software (AstrOrzPlayer) is non-commercial and follows the licenses of all libraries.
No library has been modified, and only the link mode is used to connect the libraries.

Donation is used for server maintenance and software development purpose.
Thank you for your donation.

PayPal (Arbitrary amount)

Give back to donors
The donor sends "payment information", "your name" (Name without violation),
To Email: (Spam will be blocked)
After the information is verified, an email will be sent back to you,
In the reply email, there is a SN (generated from "your name", in the form of a string, similar to a key),
Use this SN to modify the software title [AstrOrz] to "Your Name". (e.g. [ABC])
And in the "Donors" of the software, your name will be displayed.

lolly, sky77, neo, joey

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